me me me mika or mimi she it+ not cis lesbian mixed (w)asian 15 jewish intp libra

insta whi edtwt rentry boxd for liang jiao

im sometimes hypocritical and i do not take critisism well sorry abt that🤷

byr i'm a fr misandrist sorry abt that, i don’t stan amber sumin wendy leia sinb sowon or irene, i block and solo stan often, no tws, don’t subtweet me i’ll kms

dnri none i'll just block

kpop idalso twice fromis kim suyeon ningning iz1 itzy bp kep1er iu karina rei zoa and more 🙂

chn48 daxiaoqiao xu jiaqi ma yuling wang ruiqi huang yici xie feifei xu chuwen song xinran luo kejia